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Hey there, I'm Thomas and on this site I teach you how to take your business to the next level of growth.

Whatever business model you're in (eCommerce, SaaS, agency, B2B) it all comes down to the same thing: it takes deliberate planning and relentless execution to grow consistently.

I provide you with the tools and know-how you need to plan and execute your growth plan through marketing research, CRO and data science. I also introduce you to growth strategies that will transform your business so it can scale to new profitability heights.

Let's grow your bottom line together (-:

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CRO Toolkit

CRObots Tools

Not sure what tools to use? Use my own tools & processes that I use every day to increase my clients' bottom lines.

Actionable knowledge beats tools any day. Yet if you don't have the right tools you'll have to spend a considerable amount of time getting set up.

These tools are tailor-made to facilitate the conversion rate optimization process; so why not use a toolkit designed to get you what you need to reach the next level of growth?

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Growth Marketing Course

Optimizer's Playbook

You don't know how to go about getting more conversions? No sweat, I share my own Playbook with you.

While the Growth Course introduces you to broad growth strategies, the Optimizer's Playbook gets into the nitty gritty details of how to execute your growth plan.

This set of tactics and insights - delivered as short pieces of actionable advice - will continuously feed your growth roadmap.

Peak inside the playbook
Optimizer's Playbook

Growth Blueprint

You want to learn how to grow your business online? Great, these videos are made for you.

Above all else increasing your online revenue is a process. You can't expect significant results without the proper methodology, knowledge, and a truckload of hard work.

These videos present the 9 pillars of growth and provide the strategic know-how you'll need to gain traction as soon as you take action.

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Marketers' Forum

Marketers' Forum

Growing businesses is hard; so why don't you share the load with fellow marketers and business owners?

On this public forum you can discuss with your peers the challenges you face, it's nice to know you're not alone. And you can ask for help when you are stuck; chances are the community has already solved your current problem.

In here members support and cheer each other on their journey to higher income.

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About me

I’m Thomas. I am a CRO & growth professional first, a creator of digital products second, and an entrepreneur always. Through this site I share my passion for all things digital.

I work from home - currently in Montpellier, France - and I’ve been working as a remote CRO freelancer for 10 years. To me there is nothing more satisfying than telling a client: “from now on you’ll get double the revenue every month”.

I have increased conversions & maximised revenue for big brands & startups alike, across many industries. I focus on digital businesses: eCommerce (Shopify, Magento, etc.), online services & platforms, SaaS & other digital products.

I co-founded and currently manage happyWeb, a SaaS business providing software for web agencies.

My skillset

  • Buying/conversion psychology, CRO theory & process
  • AB/AI testing know-howI have implemented more than 500 tests
  • Data collection / interpretation(Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio)
  • Conversion-focused design principles, UX-UI wireframing
  • Persuasive writingI'm no copywriter but I can write to convert
  • CodingI handle frontend development well (html, css, javascript)
  • Inbound marketingTraffic generation with content marketing
  • Automation & lead nurturingI've built & automated many conversion funnels of the years
  • Communication & project managementI have hired, trained & managed a team of savvy web experts for many years


I love listening to audiobooks (2-3 books a week) & rock music (check out my favorite band FT Island!), writing fiction (although I am seriously bad at it) & traveling (though I haven't been able to travel lately...).

Growth Marketing Course

Growth Marketing Services

  • All-inclusive CRO service

    I deliver growth strategy and execution, with thorough research and high velocity testing to get traction fast.

  • AB testing services

    I manage a team of digital marketers who design, build & launch AB tests within 48 hours of the initial brief.

  • Growth coaching

    I provide strategic support and train you & your team so you can implement your growth roadmap on your own.

  • Custom engagement

    I fix your data or conversion problems with conversion audits, data measurement plans & implementations, etc.

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